Farm Meals

Miners Camp is proud to create meals that are created from sustainably produced fruit, vegetables and free range meats. The advantage of leaving on a working farm but also due to our remoteness in Queen Charlotte Sounds it is an effective way to feed travellers. Our Meals are available to all our guests stay and we have been known to open the doors to those staying near by as well. We aren't a restaurant, so there isn't a large choice of food options but there is enough choice to ensure everyone who stays is catered for. 


Winter dinners are hearty farm meals often slow cooked or roast lamb or pork with winter vegetables from the garden. Another favorite is home mde Choriso Meat Balls served in a  fresh tomato sauce (seasonally availability) 

For the vegetarians we offer meals such as mushroom, chestnut and leek pie, hearty risottos or fresh garden vegetables with tomatoes, fresh herbs and haloumi.


Summer dinners are often a variety of BBQ meats or vegetarian options char grilled vegetables and salads that have been created from vegetables picked that afternoon. 

Roast Pork.jpg


Our hearty breakfasts will set you up for a day's walk.  All breakfasts are served with tea or freshly ground plunger coffee, toast and preserves made from our orchard.

Choose from either;

A Cooked Breakfast $18 - free range eggs poached or scrambled with or without bacon.


A Continental Breakfast $18 - honey toasted muesli made with honey from our bee hives.

Bircher museli is an option in autumn when the orchard is producing lots of fresh fruit.


Miners Big Breakfast $28

Honey toasted muesli with greek yoghurt and preserved fruit followed by a cooked breakfast.

Bacon and fried eggs.JPG


An idea for the sweet treat to follow mains

Fig an Walnut Cake