Camping Ground

The camping ground is a great option for people tramping and would normally stay at DOC campgrounds. We are fortunate that the campground is set in our sheltered orchard providing some protection from the elements. The orchard is home to 16 types of fruit and nut trees and often in autumn there is a bowl full in the cooking shelter for campers. 


The campground often has weka wander through the orchard and they are a pretty sight, especially for international guests that have never seen them roaming in the wild, and will keep you amused with their funny games. 

Tent Sites

There are no marked tent sites.

You can pick the site that best suits you in a large grass area in our orchard.

The cost is $15 per person all year.

Tents in camp ground.jpg

Campground Facilities

The camping ground is designed to create budget facilities and to be equivalent to a DOC camping site. There is no power or shower.

Facilities include;

  • treated drinking water is available at all taps

  • a cooking shelter

  • a dry area to hang wet coats

  • a composting toilet 

cooking shelter.JPG